9thof9 (9thof9) wrote,

Here be some pimpage!

For those of you not wrapped up in the big bang frenzy there are other things going on. WTF? I know. There are other things in fandom than big bang. (No offense to those participating.)

Two awesome communities are gearing up to help us get through this hot as balls summer.

Drop by j2_afterclass and join the fun. There's a long long list of high school and movie related TV shows and movies. Claiming starts soon so get there and check out the lists.

I wish spnbuddies had been around a long time ago. This community is for writers ,artists, betas and cheerleaders that are willing to help out one another when the need arises. Haven't we all wanted a cheerleader (that sounded dirty/bad/wrong) or artist in the past and not known how to find one? Well now we all know where to go.
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